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Intrepid 2020 Season Info by Tourney

Pay close attention to which teams are attending each tournament. You may want to consider room sharing and ride sharing options with all attendees not only those on your grade-specific team. Room rates have been negotiated and in most cases, this block is required by the tourney. Rates are time-sensitive and you must book by the date listed to be included in the rate. When a reservation link is provided, that is often the only way to reserve within the block and you cannot call in to the hotel to reserve under the block.

In many cases, the schedule for the tourney is not released until the week before the event.  The rule of thumb is to check-in the night before the event is slated to start and check-out the final day of the event and drive home after your final game as games are generally done in time for us to arrive back in Pittsburgh that night.  Families can review their travel arrangements once the tourney schedule is out and determine if they need to make any adjustments.